“Dogenzaka LuLu PET CLINIC” for animal diseases

It is a veterinary clinic in Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku.
We provide total support from medical treatment to trimming and use as a pet hotel.
In order to reduce the burden on animals, we use sedatives instead of general anesthesia to reduce the burden on animals.

Safe treatment at a reasonable price

Please consult us if your pets have any unusual appetite, diarrhea, or somewhere painful.
We consider the animals that are important family members first, and we have our owners cooperate and provide medical treatment.
It is a familiar animal hospital near Shibuya station and can be reached on foot from Jingumae, so please feel free to come if you feel uneasy.

Take care of hearing from the owner

Please tell us more about your animal's symptoms, including your previous behavior and medical history.
We will listen carefully and plan diagnostic methods and treatment strategies. Regarding treatment, we will explain carefully so that you can understand and consent, so if you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask a question.
We also accept second opinions, so let's think about animal diseases from various perspectives and decide treatment.
We also provide post-operative care and life support.

Hotel trimming

At pet hotels, they can freely walk around the hospital during the day to avoid stress due to lack of exercise. Of course, if your pets are not good at interacting with other animals, they can relax in their room.
We also accept long-term custody, so please use it when you have a sudden schedule or travel.

We perform trimming that emphasizes health maintenance rather than beauty.
At the time of consultation, we will select a shampoo that matches the child's skin condition, so children with skin diseases are also safe.
We should always consult your dog before the procedure, and if the trimmer finds any abnormalities during the procedure, we can immediately proceed to treatment, so please use it as a regular health check.

Director's message

DogenzakaLuLu PET CLINIC

Veterinarian Reiko Shimizu

Origin from Osaka Prefecture
Osaka Prefectural University Faculty of Agriculture Veterinary Medicine Graduate
Working at animal hospitals in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture
Nihon University Department of Veterinary Medicine Cardiovascular Resident
Sagamigaoka Animal Hospital Respiratory Department Resident
April 2017 Dogenzaka LuLu pet clinic opened

I always loved animals, so I wanted to be a veterinarian.
Regardless of the field, I experienced various fields such as internal medicine and surgery at university hospitals and primary clinics.
We value the details of hearing to the owner, such as the situation of the animals and the past medical history, so that treatment can be carried out with less burden. For calculus removal, it is possible to use sedation instead of general anesthesia.
We want to provide an environment where animals do not feel cramped, as free as possible, and without stress.

Advertising related to the implementation of the first-class animal handling business

Name Reiko Shimizu
Business name Dogenzaka LuLu PET CLINIC
Location of business office 2-16-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Takahaya Building 2F
Animal handling industry type and registration number Storage 19 Tokyo Metropolitan Government No. 006537
Registration date December 23, First year of Reiwa
End of validity period December 22, Reiwa 6th year
Animal Handling Officer Reiko Shimizu